JC Morgan

Independant from an early age, Morgan has always been creative in adapting to many lifestyles in her own way. "Never give in" and "Follow your heart" have always been quotes held strong in the mind of this self taught artist. Morgan leans towards folk and abstract art as they are styles led more by emotion. Morgan has several pieces in homes and restaurants around the south. A working mother of three boys, art allows a creative outlet from the stresses of everyday life.
     "Where there's a will, there's a way" is a phrase I have lived by. Hard work, dedication, ambition, and belief go a long way! As a child, I traveled around many rural areas of the United states and mostly grew up in the Arizona and Alabama areas. I was a poor child, but never thought that would be my destiny as an adult. I have met all genres of people and find that I just blend and semi personalize, but not really fit or stick out in any one group. I cannot say that I have a hometown per se, but am now residing in Oxford, Alabama. I began drawing as a child, like most, and have always had a love for art and nature.
     The care, time, and hidden meanings and emotions behind original works intrigue me. As a young adult and yearning for a financially stable career I took to the medical field and while in college I took an art appreciation class. This opened the door for me to reconnect with my inner artist. I pursued the health field, but kept my art as a hobby. I love the solitude and freedom of throwing a raw canvas to my basement floor and letting my emotion have its way. Abstract expressionism is what I call it. I have done a few others of subject matter with more concept and detail, but my abstract pieces will always be where my true love in art lies.