Angela Sullivan

I am a painter of beautiful things. I am a self taught artist from the Deep South and I speak with that all too familiar Southern drawl. I have always had a love for art and as a child I would sit and color for hours. My mother worked in a sewing factory and my father was a carpenter. They taught me values like to treat people with respect and that I could do or become anything I want to be. They were right. I hope you enjoy my paintings. I paint anything and everything. The common thread of my paintings is the use of bold bright color. I believe it is because the inner depths of my soul are filled with color that just splashes out into everything I paint. I live to make my world a better place.
     My art is featured in Visual Language Magazine and on the talk show "Can You Relate" in Jacksonville, Alabama. I was chosen as a feature artist on CFAI for the month of July 2013. Since then my paintings have been purchased by collectors across the United States, Canada, Europe, and many other counntries.