Tyler Adams

I was born on August 21, 1995. My love for art began when I was 8 when I used to paint with my grandmother. I devoted my highschool life and forward studying to art and different mediums. I love to advance forward. This drive to advance has lead me to learn many art styles and mediums, such as watercolor painting and conte crayon drawing. I love representational art. Some of my favorite art styles are trash polka, surrealism like Salvador Dali, and representational lithographs like Albrecht Durer's. Artists like them have refelcted in the type of art that I do and the amount of detail I love to squeeze into my works of art. Most of what I do hasn't reflected inner meaning so its mostly up to the viewer to create their own meaning and attach it to my art. The drive behind learning different art styles is just to advance the mind forward. Advancement to get better is everyone's goal, but mine is in art.