Michael Swann

Michael Swann is an artist who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Birmingham Southern College (1986.) He is primarily a painter, but also works in the printmaking arena (etchings, linoleum and woodcuts.) Michael is also a guitarist and can be heard on Wayne's "Music on Plastic" (TVT Records, 2002) and Mars Electric's "Beautiful Something (Sony Record's, 2000.)
     My work varies, but typically includes figurative elements intertwined with improvised atmospheric landscapes. My desire is to evoke an undercurrent of disarray and mystery that viewers can individually interpret. My process is varied but usually: An image comes to mind; I develop it to a certain level, then I'll typically destroy it, deviate from my initial plan and improvise. This is my time of joy as an artist, when my work lingers in ambiguity and the real conversation between my work and myself begins.