Deborah Brown

     My love affair with art began when I was a child. I loved to draw, color, and paint. Growing up in the mid 60's to mid 70's I was not exposed to all of the technology of today. Pencils, crayons, and tempera paint were my mediums. I remember winning an art contest while in elementary school, and the prize was a small metal bank with a combination door on it. I still have the bank today.
     My dream as a teenager was to become an Art teacher, and I spent my college years working on that dream. After completing my college course, I spent the last semester working as a student teacher. I was not prepared for the transition from being a student to becoming a teacher. The one subject that was so dear to my heart was now a crib course to the high school student.
     After college I decided to follow other career avenues in areas that used my artistic ability, but never did achieve the fullfillment in my art as I did as a child and student.
     After 40 years in the work force, in December of 2012, I was diagnosed with cancer. No one can prepare you for cancer, or what it does to you physically and emotionally. I remember thinking while going through surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, that if I could fullfill my dreams of getting back to my art, that I could survive the rest.   I am now fortunate to a part of a group of artists showing and selling our art in the "JC Morgan Art Gallery" in Oxford, AL.
     I hope you enjoy my creations of crafts, photography, and mixed media. If a piece of my work finds its way into your heart, and home, please know that you have inspired me to continue being creative as a Cancer Survivor.