Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan was born and raised in the United Kingdom where he remained until his teens. After graduating from high school he pursued a career as a naval engineer serving in the Royal Navy and eventually in the Australian Navy, from which he retired after serving 20 years. During his time in the service he also became a member of the Art Gallery of New South Wales where he studied art and was introduced to Australian aboriginal culture. In January 2010 Jonathan learned that he was to recieve four awards from the British Government for his service to Queen, Country, and Commonwealth. In addition to these Jonathan recieved the Queen's Diamond Jubilee award for service in 2012. 
     After his service career, Jonathan dedicated himself fully to his artwork and taught in the Georgia State pre- k program for six years. The influence of Australian Aboriginal art and that cultures dreamtime can be seen throughout Jonathan's work. The dreamtime is a way of communicating the history of the land and families through the generations by the telling of stories and making of pictures. Jonathan uses this format to entertain children with stories inspired from his childhood and travels he performs regularly in Georgia and England.
     Jonathan has expanded his art over the years to include photography, clothing design, tableware, and jewelry. His work can be seen in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the USA.